Friday, December 31, 2010

News You Can Use

Heidi Collins is the new anchor on KMSP-TV (Channel 9). Although she's a familiar face to news junkies, formerly employed by CNN, anchoring during very prominent time slots. She was recently interviewed by MSP Magazine and her opinions of her former employer were raised:

MSP: When you were at CNN, what did you think of FOX?

HC: I thought they were phenomenal and that they had incredible leadership. It’s really difficult to argue that they’re not a successful organization.

MSP: But as journalists?

HC: They don’t try to tell you that they are journalists. Their whole prime-time lineup is opinion television. The viewer knows that. And I think a lot of times at CNN we would say that we were on the straight and narrow when presenting all these sides, and that wasn’t the case all the time.

MSP: When wasn’t that the case?

HC: Well, lots of times, politically, there would be certain questions that weren’t asked. I mean, nothing that went on at my show, because that’s what I fought for every day: making sure that we had as many sides to all of the issues handled.

MSP: What about on Anderson’s show?

HC: I didn’t anchor that show.

MSP: You guest anchored.

HC: Whenever I was anchoring, I made certain to the best of my ability that it was an unbiased news television show.

MSP: So you weren’t confident that it was unbiased when you weren’t in Anderson’s chair?

HC: I don’t know. It depends on who the viewer is. I think it’s something that needed a lot of improvement.

A first hand account, by a former prized employee, that CNN isn't the paragon of objectivity that they tout themselves as. Now that's breaking news.

The observation comes as no surprise to anyone who has applied critical thinking skills while watching an average CNN broadcast. But it is so contrary to the official narrative, especially among the mainstream cultural and media gatekeepers. It's amusing to note that this revelation about CNN only came out only as a result of the local media reporter's attempt to reflexively slag on the assumed lack of objectivity by the Fox News Channel.

I suspect the sharp knives used by the local media journalism community to automatically flay Fox News will be similarly used on Heidi Collins at every opportunity. I've largely stopped watching all local TV news, because it's proven to be a poor source of information. But if I did watch, and maybe I'll have to give it another try, Channel 9 and Heidi Collins would be the choice. Lest we resign ourselves to another few decades of the journalism of the likes of Don Shelby, conservatives need to support these alternative choices when they present themselves.