Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Local Press Guns Down Civility

Not sure if there aren't enough editors at the Pioneer Press of if they just have a good sense of humor. Back-to-back stories featured on the front of their wage page now.

House tries to temper health care rhetoric


Minnesota Republicans fire first shot in budget showdown

Boom! Another possibility, maybe Sarah Palin got a job writing headlines for the Pioneer Press in the last couple of days. Only someone with eliminationist motives could have possibly written such a thing.

Speaking of which, check out this statement from MinnPost about Minnesota's 8th district, now represented by Republican Chip Cravaak:

The health-care repeal vote will be seen as a win for both Cravaack and the DFL in the formative stages of the campaign for what is already the Democrats’ top targeted House seat in Minnesota and possibly the entire upper Midwest.

Boom! Using the identical imagery of targeting a Congressional district as Sarah Palin did. An act even more egregious now that is has been identified directly as a source of hate and violence. Appalling, outrageous rhetoric!

Now excuse me while I drop onto my fainting couch with the back of my hand to my forehead.