Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Long Goodbye

On Sunday, my Farewell to NARN appeared on this website. Now I'm here to write about it again! It's like the release of The Final Destination 2. You were led to believe that it was over and you could move on with your life. Then you get Shanghaied for another round. Stay tuned for daily updates to this series.

Actually, just tying up a couple of loose knots.

First, the podcast for the final broadcast is here. John Hinderaker in studio and me phoning it in (literally).

And a few web recognitions of our demise.

From the Nihilist in Golf Pants, the top 11 REAL reasons the First Team got axed.

A tribute from NARN 1.5 host Brad Carlson.

A tribute from a Canadian listener at the blog Covenant Zone. He also links to shows going back years, which are still hosted on the Town Hall Web site. I had no idea these were available. Get 'em while you can.

A discussion on the show from the rumor mongers and radio renegades at the Red and Nater bulletin board. (Warning, some language NSFW, believe it or not). I liked this part:

... part of the attraction of Brian and John was they didn't follow any formula or anything. They acted like they were going to be themselves and do what they wanted and they didn't care if you liked it or not. I found it amusing. It's like they were aimed at a certain kind of audience that "got it" as opposed to whatever formula is followed during the week.

That was the beauty of free form amateur radio -- and the curse! We weren't aimed at anything or anyone. We were firing wildly into the ether. Anyone who got "hit" was collateral damage or friendly fire or something.

Finally, a tribute from favored former guest, Vox Day. Excerpt:

I always considered it to be a very entertaining and intelligent show that routinely operated at a much higher level than most of the superficial chatter that passes for talk radio these days. Of course, it was the way in which they took politics seriously that ultimately deprived them of a sufficiently large audience since most Minnesotans want to hear about sports and celebrities, not politics and world events. But it was a solid six-year run, and I congratulate Brian, Chad, JB, King, Mitch, Ed, John, and Scott for their impressive accomplishment.

And let's face it, NARN without Chad the Elder was like the United Front without Massoud.

It should be noted that Mitch and Ed are carrying on with the Headliners edition, still at 1-3PM on the Patriot. And the King Banaian show is back this week, on KYRC (1570), Saturday at 9AM.

Regarding the best comparison between Chad the Elder and a personality from the Afghan War, he does have some Massoud-like qualities. For example, his ability to inspire people to want to blow him up. But I'd say he's more like Mullah Omar, based on his radical ideas, his orthodox commitment to Islam, and the fact nobody has seen him in person since he fled the Patriot studios all those years ago.

And that's it. Radio silence starting ....... now.