Saturday, January 01, 2011

Los Angeles Vikings?

So the HHH Dome has collapsed much like the Vikings' season did. Now what? Listening to Ed and Mitch on what's left of the Northern Alliance Radio Network, I am torn as to what should be done. Obviously, not being a Minnesota taxpayer Happy to Pay for a Better Minnesota, it's not my issue, but Ed and Mitch are probably right about taxpayer funds being used to support millionaires, and it's hard to disagree. Of course Mitch is a Bears fan, and Ed is from Southern California, so they lack credibility in this arena.

It will be interesting. I suspect the DFL and the Trust Fund Governor will push for the stadium, while at the same time decrying tax cuts for the rich. While there is economic logic behind across-the-board tax cuts, there really isn't when it comes to direct taxpayer subsidies for millionaire atheletes and owners. I'm looking forward to the over-heated rhetoric from the usual suspects when Governor Target pushes for the stadium. Looking forward to it, but not holding my breath.

So in the end, I go from a three and a half hour flight to a six hour drive to see the Vikings. Not sure if that's an improvement.