Monday, January 17, 2011

The New Civility

So conservative Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okie) has agreed to sit next to one of the nastiest pieces of work in the Senate, Chuckie Schumer in order to promote "civility" at the upcoming State of the Union address?

Sure, let's all sit together hold hands and sing Kumbayah at the SOTU address and buy into the false narrative about the shooting in Tucson that the Left and the Media have been peddling for the last two weeks. The crazy bastard in Tucson had NOTHING to do with the GOP, the Tea Party, conservaives or Sarah Palin, yet you've just bought into the narrative. Good move, Tom. Thanks for that. Maybe while you're holding Chuckie's hand you could ask him how his and his party's use of the term "tea-bagger" for the last year promoted civility?