Monday, January 24, 2011

Separated at Birth?

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton ordering that the state business permit process be sped up:

Governor Mark Dayton used a strong tool that only the state's chief executive possesses, signing an executive order to speed up the business permitting process. Dayton said hundreds of companies will benefit from the Department of Natural Resources and Pollution Control Agency "moving at the speed of commerce" with a goal of a 150 day turn around on permits.

House and Senate Republicans are working on bills that also streamline permitting and regulations. Dayton notified Republican leaders about his move that all parties have seen a source of early agreement in the 2011 legislative session. When asked why this executive-led streamlining hadn't happened before Dayton responded "I believe in government. I believe in better government."

Dayton's new commissioners also gave of picture of the new governor's leadership style. PCA Commissioner Paul Aasen said "Our boss is telling us to get to work on things." DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr added "Governor Dayton doesn't like to sit still" and Landwehr also used the term boss saying "The governor is the boss and when the boss tells us to do something we'll do it."


...Homer Simpson managing his staff in "The Simpsons" Episode [3F23] You Only Move Twice:

Homer: [to staff] Are you guys working?

Man 1: Yes, sir, Mr. Simpson.

Homer: Could you, um... work any harder than this?

Man 2: Sure thing, boss. [they do]