Saturday, January 08, 2011

We're Ready For Some

Before the NFL season started, I predicted a Packers-Ravens Super Bowl. Even though both squads have to go on the road this wild card weekend, their meeting up in Dallas is not an outlandish idea. The NFC seems wide open at this point and if the Packers continue to play tough defense and get good play from Aaron Rodgers, it's not that hard to imagine them advancing. I'm sure they paid close attention to what the Vikings did against Michael Vick a few weeks and if they use Woodson in the same sort of blitzing role that the Vikings did with Winfield, they should see a similar outcome.

With most people talking up the Patriots and Steelers in the AFC, the Ravens are flying a bit under the radar, which ain't a bad position to be in. Is it likely that the two teams will meet in the Super Bowl? No. Is it possible? Certainly.

In addition to these two road teams, I also like the visiting Saints (and the points) and the Colts at home. No matter what happens, it should be a great weekend of football. Like the Stanley Cup playoffs, the best parts of the NFL post-season are the first few weeks when the sheer number of games usually means more drama and fantastic finishes.