Saturday, January 29, 2011

What The Puck?

FBI helping solve mystery of missing Stanley Cup-winning puck:

Chicago FBI forensic experts are helping to solve the mystery of what happened to the puck scored by the Blackhawks to win the 2010 Stanley Cup, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday.

The puck has been missing since Patrick Kane slipped it into the back of the net during overtime of Game 6, ending the title ambitions of the Philadelphia Flyers and their home fans on June 9.

While Kane and his teammates celebrated at the opposite end of the ice at the Wachovia Center, someone picked up the winning puck and it has not been seen since.

After officials and fans had no luck in tracing its whereabouts, a $50,000 reward was offered by a restaurateur and the Chicago FBI stepped in to help.

One attempt to claim the reward has already failed after the FBI used specialized equipment to show that the puck in question was not the winning one.

Officers believe they will be able to compare each nick on any puck that is turned in to digitally enhanced images they have of the winning goal.

"We feel we have enough in terms of visual evidence to include or exclude any future pucks," Chicago FBI spokesman Ross Rice said.

He added: "All we're doing is helping. The people who are doing this are doing it on their own time. They feel they are a part of history."

Yeah, history (rolls eyes dismissively).