Friday, February 04, 2011

Bad Vocabulary SAB

Comedian Ron White, who never did well in school:

I never had much of a vocabulary. In fact, my friend Bob Schnieder would still be alive today if I'd known the difference between "antidote" and "anecdote". He got bitten by a copperhead, and I'm telling him funny stories out of Reader's Digest. His head started to swell, I said "This ain't working". He goes, "READ FASTER!!"

And headline writers and editors at the Associated Press, who apparently didn't either, as reported by John Hinderaker at PowerLine:

Item number two is this headline by the Associated Press: "Black Eyed Peas anecdote for geriatric halftime." They meant "antidote." That's right: the nation's number one news organization doesn't know the difference between "antidote" and "anecdote."