Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Cheese Stands Alone

Before this year's NFL season started, I predicted that the Packers and Ravens would meet in Super Bowl XLV with the Ravens winning. Not a bad pick considering the Packers are indeed playing later today in this year's big game and the AFC representative is also from the the conference's North division and was the team that ousted the Ravens from the playoffs. It was certainly a better call than the one made by ESPN's Chris Berman who picked the Chargers and--snicker, snicker--Vikings to meet in Dallas.

While my heart would love nothing more than seeing the Packers suffer a humiliating, soul-crushing defeat at the hands of the Steelers today, my head just can't get come up with a plausible losing scenario for Green Bay. So far in the playoffs, Pittsburgh's defense has faced decent, but far from explosive offenses in Baltimore and the New York Jets. Today, they will be tested by the hottest offense in the NFL and I don't see how they can hope to slow the Packers down enough to keep it close.

If the game was being played in the wintery conditions of Heinz Field, the Steelers D would have a good shot at stymying the Packers and keeping it close. But the indoor fast track at Dallas plays to Green Bay's strengths on offense and I don't think the Steelers will be able to keep up with them. I also think those hoping for a close game will be disappointed. The Packers will get up early and never look back. The final score will be something like Green Bay 34 Pittsburgh 19. And we'll have to live with hepped up Packers fans and their insufferable gloating for at least the next six, maybe seven months.

If Steeler fans are looking for a ray of hope, it should be noted that I'm 5-5 in my playoff picks this year. And I'd love to proven wrong one more time.