Thursday, February 10, 2011


If you're looking for some background music for your work day, CSPAN Radio is streaming live coverage from the center of conservative thought and rheteoric this weekend, the CPAC conference. So far it's been alternately cringe-worthy and inspiring. In other words, great radio entertainment. Just heard a rip snorting speech by the NRA spokesman. Now, a rip-snorting and *surprise* speech by Donald Trump. Coming up soon, they tone things down a bit, with a speech from ....... Ron Paul.

UPDATE: They break away from Trump for the LIVE Hosni Mubarek speech. Wonder how the Donald will react to that news?

UPDATE: Hosni not stepping down, just re-vowing not to run for office again. The background crowd noise picks up to a low, riotous murmur. Wondering if that's the Arab street or an open mic at the CPAC courtesy bar?