Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Sporcles

Sporcle is a game web site where the player attempts to complete lists of things based on their own knowledge set and ability to recall facts. Things like, name all the countries of South America.

Thousands upon thousands of games like this. For whatever reason, this appeals to me. REALLY appeals to me. Since I created an account on Sporcle in December of 2009 I have played no less than 1,618 quizzes. And those don't even count the games I played since before I had an account. I'm afraid to know the answer!

It turns out Sporcle also keeps stats on your game play. If I would have known that in advance, I'd probably would have never gotten an account in the first place. Some hard truths are learned. Like I've played 1,618 quizzes in 13 months. It's also interesting, and revealing, to look at the games you've done the best and worst at (by percentage of correct answered submitted).

Here are some of the games which I got 2% or fewer of the answers correct:

100 Greatest Finns (after Sibelius and Bill Tuomala, I was tapped)

Friends episodes (The one where I scored a perfect 0%)

And here are some of the tames which I got a perfect score:

All Countries in Asia (took only 13 tries to nail this one)

As a weird Japenese chef once told me, tell me what you suck at and excel in at Sporcle and I'll tell you who you are!

I took my shot at creating a few Sporlce games as well:

50 Greatest Minnesota Twins (as named by Fox Sports North)

Mixed results were received from the player ratings and comments, but feel free to take your chances on these. If you dare. Be careful, next thing you know you'll be up to 1600 plays and condemning yourself for not knowing more than 8% of US Secretaries of the Treasury.