Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rules for the Sake of Having Rules

I work for a large California government agency that requires background checks for employment, after which you are issued a nice official government ID card. One would think that an identification issued by a law enforcement agency after a background check would be adequate ID for TSA when travelling. One would be wrong. You see, since our ID card does not have an expiration date, it's back to the standard issue drivers license. Because it has an expiration date. Seems reasonable, right?

Except TSA does not check to see if your license - with it's expiration date - has actually expired. Enterprise car rental does, but not TSA. So I was able to fly from Sacrameto to Minneapolis and back on an expired drivers license but I could not rent a car. I'm thinking I'd rather trust my security to the college kids at the Enterprise car rental counter at MSP than the highly trained specialists with the TSA.

"I am a government rule. I apply as directed without consideration of the purpose I am supposed to achieve."