Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Who Needs Kith?

Finally broke down last week and picked up an Amazon Kindle, the 3G and Wi-Fi model in white. Amazon has taken a page from Apple in their simple, yet elegant packaging and ease of set up. The instruction manual is minimalistic which makes sense since once you fire the Kindle up you can read through everything you want to know about making the most use of it.

The product itself is well-designed and is appealing from both an aesthetic and tactile perspective. In other words Atomizer, it looks and feels good. Navigating is a breeze and it's quite easy to shop for and download books from the Kindle Store (almost too easy). I haven't done much reading with it yet as I have a couple of old fashioned style books going at the moment. The Kindle reading that I have done though has been somewhat surprising and enjoyable in that I quickly adapted to the differences between it and the printed page.

But the most pleasantly surprising discovery so far has been realizing just how content for the Kindle is absolutely free to download. That's right Saint Paul, FREE as in no cost to the user. And there's also a plethora of good books to be had for next to nothing, ninety-nine cents or a buck-forty-nine. My first seven Kindle downloads were four works from Wodehouse and three from Chesterton for a grand total of three dollars and forty-seven cents. Quite the bargain.

The value of the Kindle will really be put to the test when I start taking it on the road for business trips. Every indication so far is that it will prove well worth the money.

SAINT PAUL CHIMES IN: I broke down and got the iPad as my mobile reader. When I'm not playing Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies, I've been enjoying my FREE copy of the Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, Vol. 1. That's right, via iBooks, it's free, free, free. Which I believe is a $0.99 savings off the Kindle price. A few more hundred bargains like this iPad begins paying for itself!

THE ELDER REPLIES: An iPad? Pretty sure that's not a device currently supported by the Fraters Libertas Inc. IT department. Who authorized that purchase anyway? We better not be seeing any e-mails from you tagged with "sent from my iPad" there buddy boy.