Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Abolition Now

A few weeks ago Bill Simmons wrote a satirical column about the NFL owners and how their undoubtedly successful business model is starting to adversely effect the players and fans. His conclusion:

I will make more money than I did last year, and I will continue to regard employees and readers as disposable pawns. This isn't about common sense, dignity, relationships, long-term plans, or even preserving the fragile relationship between a customer and a provider. It's about generating more money in Years 5 through 8 than I made in Years 1 through 4. That's it. Oh, and steamrolling anyone who gets in my way. I forgot that part.

This was on my mind as I read the latest news from the Vikings:

Wilf: Lockout won't hamper stadium drive

The Vikings' push for a new stadium hit plenty of road blocks in recent years, but owner Zygi Wilf doesn't think the NFL lockout will become another issue that derails things.

"We're working very hard with everybody in Minnesota [at the Capitol] to get the stadium thing worked through," Wilf said Monday at the NFL owners meetings. "We realize that it's an important asset to the community and that it's to everyone's interest to make sure that we get a stadium that would serve not just football but all the other events the Metrodome served proudly for the last 30 years."

Well, that's a relief. The NFL owners squeezing the players for a greater share of revenue won't hamper this NFL owner from squeezing the taxpayers for more revenue. What Wilf lacks in the shame department, he makes up for with consistency.

I cannot believe that the new GOP majority in the state legislature will seriously consider bringing this billion dollar handout to a vote. It will be an interesting test of their tea party bona fides.

No matter how they come down, I'm with Adrian Peterson on this one. Fight slavery! No Viking stadium!