Monday, March 28, 2011

Are You Experienced?

The rumors circulating for the past couple of weeks are true. The First Team of NARN has risen from the ashes, Phoenix-like, and has been reborn, under a new name. It's the Hinderaker-Ward Report Show Experience.

The fine folks at have offered us a chance to recreate the Saturday morning magic you may remember from all those years on the radio. It's me, John Hinderaker, Loon of the Week, This Week in Gatekeeping, and analysis of the week that was with a Minnesota-centric focus. If we could only get a strange smell wafting in from the adjoining room, a Russian babe producer who has absolutely no interest in the proceedings of the broadcast, and angry guys from Nordeast phoning in with calls for fistfights on the floor of Congress, it would be just like we never left the concrete bunker at all.

The Hinderaker-Ward Experience (HWX) will be a weekly effort. Don't let last week's lapse concern you, it was a rare and well-deserved day off (see, it's just like the old show). So far we've been taping them on Saturday afternoon and they've been going up on Saturday night or Sunday morning. That schedule may change to some degree, but once a week (at least) is the plan.

There are several ways to catch the show. You can go to, where it's on the right-hand margin of the main page, in the august company of the rest of the Ricochet family of podcasts. These include the flagship Ricochet podcast, with a few people you may have heard of like James Lileks, Rob Long, Peter Robinson, Mark Steyn, Jonah Goldberg, etc. Also two other new and very impressive shows, one with Mickey Kaus and David Limbaugh and the other featuring Professors John Yoo and Richard Epstein, with Law Talk.

If you want to be sure catch every episode, and possess them for your very own, the podcast is available on iTunes. I encourage you to subscribe now, as I'm told that helps us in some vague, uncertain way.

Or for this episode, you can listen to it right here at Fraters Libertas, with the embedded player below.

This week's show features a discussion of theories on what we're supposed to be doing in Libya, the inside dope on our two MN Presidential candidates Pawlenty and Bachmann, Loon of the Week, and This Week in Gatekeeping.

The weeks to come will feature some great guests, who you might remember hearing on the old radio show, and maybe some live streaming or calls. Still working on those technical details, but we'll get it going as soon as we can.

The Hinderaker-Ward Experience on Don't you dare miss it!