Monday, March 21, 2011

Head West?

They have oil. They have a booming economy. They have a highly ranked college hockey team that is playing in this year's NCAA tournament and isn't planning to leave the glorious tradition of the WCHA behind to play such noted rivals as Penn State and Ohio State. And--as e-mailer Steve from Grand Forks reports--they're on the verge of having a sweet state motto.

They have crossed the rubes’ big con.

State one step closer to a Latin motto:

BISMARCK – North Dakota is one signature away from having an official Latin motto, but whether the Legislature should continue to hear state symbol bills created some philosophical debate.

The Senate voted 34-10 on Friday to approve the bill promoted by a group of Fargo North students.

The approved motto is “Serit ut alteri saeclo prosit,” which means, “One sows for the benefit of another age.”

Bill sponsor Rep. Joe Heilman, R-Fargo, has said it’s a fitting motto, tying into agriculture and saving oil revenues for the future.