Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On The Rebound

Those of you who have been gnashing your teeth in mourning since the demise of the First Team of the Northern Alliance Radio Network can remove the sackcloth and celebrate the show's resurrection. John Hinderaker reports on the Return of the First Team:

Somewhat weirdly, our show was canceled a month or two ago by the radio station, which sold our two-hour block to an investment guy for an infomercial. He left for another station not long thereafter, and last I knew the time was being filled with vitamin advertisements. I'm estimating the audience for the vitamin infomercial at somewhere between 15 and 20. Not ratings points, people.

I think John's being a bit unfair here. An in-depth discussion of the merits of riboflavin can be very compelling and the vitamin guys' weekly "This Week in Supplementing" segment is can't miss radio.

But Brian and I aren't sulking; au contraire, we are exploring our options with another radio station--one that has much higher ratings than the Patriot--and--now comes the point of this post--we have signed up with Ricochet to do regular podcasts. On Saturday, we recorded our first Ricochet podcast with the able assistance of Scott Immergut. Ricochet announces our new relationship here; you can listen to the first edition here. The podcasts should be available for subscription on iTunes in a day or two. We hope you enjoy the show!

Another radio station in town with higher ratings than The Patriot? That narrows the list down to pretty much every station in town other than the former local Air America affiliate. My hunch is that since 'CCO has just lost the Gopher football broadcast rights they're looking to add a marquee name to their Saturday afternoon lineup of equal appeal. Brian “Saint Paul” Ward working in the same studios that Steve Cannon once did? Dreams do come true.

In the meantime, you can find the new First Team podcast at Ricochet.