Thursday, March 24, 2011

Puck Lucky

There is still time to fill out your brackets for the College Hockey Pickem Challenge and join the Fraters group (password: Fraters). The NCAA tournament games start tomorrow so get your picks in today.

So far all of the Fraters contributors except JB and the Crazy Uke have filled out a bracket. Guess the Ukraine isn't much of a hockey country. Former Minnesota Hockey Commissioner and current radio shock jock Hugh "Ralphie" Hewitt is participating and word is that he's trying to coax one of the leading GOP 2012 presidential contenders with a hockey background to fill out a bracket and join the Fraters group as well (hint: working title of Hugh’s next book is “A Minnesotan in the White House?”). A couple of noted current and former local bloggers are also on board. Their hockey cred is somewhat questionable, but the beauty of the NCAA hockey brackets is that a couple of upsets here and there can easily spoil the best laid predictions of even the sharpest of hockey minds.

I’ll reveal my picks tomorrow and once the games start everyone’s brackets will be visible to all in the group to see. Then, the real mocking will begin. Get your picks in today to be part of the fun.