Monday, March 07, 2011

Real Classicists of Fresno County

I know I'd watch a TV show featuring Victor Davis Hanson riding a bike along a rural road, wearing old sweat pants, flannel shirt, and work gloves. Throw in the details he provides in this post, and I think you've got the makings of a reality show that would capture the imagination of the entire country:

I rode by a small house, or should say “houses,” since it seemed about 30 people lived in various garages, sheds, and Winnebagos at a single address. Eight unleashed, unfenced Chihuahuas and Pekingese dogs ran out (Don’t laugh, I concede at the outset that they were not pit bulls). All chased me (riders can attest that the tiny dog under the wheel is as dangerous as the bigger dog by the pedal.) Note I don’t wear bike “garb,” but old sweat pants, flannel shirt, and work gloves. One rushed into my front wheel — flipping me over the handle bars at 18 mph.
I'm happy to do the upfront legwork for VDH on this one. National Geographic, Animal Planet, The History Channel, CSPAN 3, contact me and let the bidding war begin.

I staggered to the door to complain to the owners that their pack of dogs should at least not be allowed to run into the middle of the street, and asked if any had rabies shots (one nipped at my leg). Four adults — 11 AM on a weekday — said they did not speak English and sort of went into a blind, deaf, and dumb mode, as I tried my pidgin Spanish.
Comedy Central and Univision, we'll make room for your bids too.

So I walked my half-ruined bike home (over one hour) but did gather than the injured Chihuahua was called “Snookie.”
And MTV.

I'm just hoping we don't find out that the cast of the Jersey Shore was visiting rural Fresno County California last week and that thing that attacked VDH was no Chihuahua.