Friday, April 01, 2011

The Frugal Rioter

Amid the murderous protest by Muslims in Aghanistan today, this sign caught my eye, as captured by the Associated Press:

The message itself is unremarkable: "Down with America, Down with Obama". As john Hinderaker notes: Apparently having a President with the middle name "Hussein" isn't such a big deal after all.

What's noteworthy about this sign are not the words, but the font differences. The two "Down Withs" are much larger and permanent looking. The "America" and "Obama" smaller and slapped-on looking. I do believe this is a customizable, reusable protest sign.

With the frequency of murderous protests in Afghanistan, it's a brilliant idea. Why pop for entirely new sign every time you get offended and want to kill somebody new? That cost starts to add up fast. Instead you can just scratch out the old object of your rage and replace it with the new one, for pennies on the dollar.

I got get some investors together for a "Down With Blank" sign franchise in Kabul or El Masri. Talk about a license to print money! Talk about constant demand! Because if it's one thing we know about the Middle East, while the names and places may change, the rage will always be with us.