Thursday, April 07, 2011

Men Without...

If you're looking for a good larf you should head over to this post from Vox Day and watch the video. It almost seems like a parody, but it's so good that you know that it's real. A parody simply could not be this funny. And the background music is pitch perfect for the subject matter. I found myself laughing out loud several times while watching. Check out the picture next to the guy speaking at the 5:57 mark. Yes, that was the same association I was making with these guys as they spoke.

While it's hard to believe, I'm sure that most of these men are actually quite serious in their views. But I also suspect there are a few who see the "Conscious Man" thing as nothing more than an avenue for getting more action from the women they profess to worship. As Vox notes, this approach is unlikely to be very fruitful:

The truth is that socio-sexual losers like these Conscious Men honor nothing but the possession of a vagina, the depths of which they are neither worthy nor likely to plumb.

SP NOTES: I haven't seen men of this caliber since this ad from last fall. Looks like some of the same cast members. Definitely the same sentiments.