Sunday, April 10, 2011

Missed Opportunity?

Silly me, wasting hundreds of dollars and countless hours travelling to attend the Frozen Four (Congratulations to the UMD Bulldogs! Let's hope this ends the "Gopher rejects!" chant at games next season. Probably not.) when I could have attended the White Privilege Conference. Tragically, I must return to my job suckling off the taxpayer teat.

If the guys from the Hinderaker-Ward Experience had any stones, they'd do a live podcast from the Conference. Probably run into a bunch of guys from the video linked here.

Speaking of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience, I have to add my endorsement. I always enjoyed the "First Team" of the NARN and was saddened by their radio demise. Until I listened to the drivel that replaced them, then I was angered. Seriously? A dude talking about a vitamin supplement made from bovine pre-milk excretions? Lord have mercy. Anyway, "the Experience" has everything the old First Team did, sans the callers, which to me is a big plus.

But doesn't a mere hour seem a little weak? Honestly.