Friday, May 20, 2011

Beer of the Week (Vol. C)

Another edition of Beer of the Week brought to you by the sunny folks at Glen Lake Wine & Spirits who have the warm dispositions needed to help you explore the wide world of wine, whiskey, and beer.

This being the 100th edition of Beer of the Week it seems fitting to do something special. The only problem is I’m not exactly sure what that something would be. The timing of reaching the century mark is august as it coincides with the close of Minnesota Craft Beer Week May 13th-21st:

We've worked together with a number of great bars, liquor stores, and restaurants around the state to organize a wide variety of craft beer events just for you. So how do you participate in these events? The first step is to get a MN Craft Beer Week Passport. In addition to being your admission to all of the specials and discounts, when you visit these locations and partake in the specials, you receive stamps. Stamps = Prizes. The more stamps you get during the week, the more chances you have at winning such things as an opportunity for you and your friends to enjoy private beer tastings or to brew a batch of your own beer with the brewers from Surly or Brau Brothers.

And though some events require an additional ticket purchase, such as a beer dinner or beer & cheese pairing, many will simply require your passport, and you, to get the discounts and specials.

So purchase your passport now and check out our Calendar of Events to figure out where you're going!

It also happens to come around just when the weather finally seems to be turning the corner here in Minnesota. Well, at least it was this week up until today. I managed to miss most of this week’s pleasant climes and got back in town just in time for the return of clouds and rain. Nevertheless, I believe it is at last safe to turn our attention to the savory beers of summer.

Although this week’s beer is not brewed in Minnesota, the brewery is one of the sponsors of Minnesota Craft Beer Week. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is based in Chico, California. It was one of the pioneers of the craft beer movement starting back in 1981 and now is one of the most widely known craft breweries in the country. Their 2011 Summerfest is our beer of the week:

Our Summerfest is a refreshing, pilsner-style lager. Its incredible smoothness comes from an extra-long lagering period. Lighter in body than our ales but just as complex in character, Summerfest quenches your thirst with big aroma and a tangy hop bite.

Stubby 12oz brown bottle. Standard Sierra Nevada label layout this time with a tan background and a scenic mountain lake framed by sunflowers. $7.99 a six-pack.

Style: Pilsner

Alcohol by Volume: 5.0%

COLOR (0-2): Light gold, mostly clear. 2

AROMA (0-2): Malty with a hint of honey. 2

HEAD (0-2): Bright white color. Good volume that fades fast but laces the glass quite well. 2

TASTE (0-5): Good grainy malt flavor that’s not overly sweet balanced nicely with floral hops. Finish is sharp and bitter. Very crisp, lighter bodied, and extremely drinkable. 3

AFTERTASTE (0-2): Good, but as much follow through as I would like. 1

OVERALL (0-6): Usually pilsners are not among my favorite styles of beer. However, Sierra Nevada’s Summerfest is a well-executed offering and makes for a very solid summer beer. It’s refreshing , goes down easy, yet still manages to pack in enough flavor to satisfy your taste buds. Summerfest is a well-rounded beer and for the most part works from start to finish. 4

TOTAL SCORE (0-19): 14