Sunday, May 01, 2011

Everything Comes Easy, You Just Hold Out Your Hand

Juarez, Mexico is considered to be the murder capital of the world. Imagine a father in Juarez, desparate to give his newborn child a chance to avoid likely death and to enjoy the good life in the United States. He acquires a drone airplane and launches the baby over the US border. After landing in a rural area, an American couple finds the baby. Instead of reporting their discovery to the authorities, they conspire to claim the baby as their own child.

This is a tragic scenario, but conservatives who follow the rule of law and not blind emotion understand that the baby is not a US citizen and the American couple are scofflaws and are guilty of circumventing authority and committing fraud. Had they done the right thing and alerted the authorities, there would certainly be a chance that this baby would be legally adopted by an American couple, perhaps even the couple that discovered him on US soil. Unfortunately, in this case, it didn't happen.

Only one fact in this scenario have been changed from the story of Superman. The change was his place of origin, which remains outside the borders of the United States. If Donald Trump found his birth certificate, it would clearly show that he was born on Krypton. It's a fact, Superman is an illegal alien.

That's why it's especially disturbing to see Superman bash the United States. He recently took the nonsensical action of renouncing a citizenship he never had the right to claim. I call on law abiding American citizens to call for Superman's immediate deportation.

Hat tip to Sisyphus for bringing up this important issue.