Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HWX, volume 8

The latest edition of HWX is now available. It's our first three time zone effort, with John Hinderaker live (on tape to you) from Kennebunkport, ME; me at the home base in Minny; and our producer Scott running the show from sunny CA. All brought together through the miracle of Skype. This is NOT why Al Gore invented the Internet, but a nice unintended consequence.

The highlight is our interview with the great John Nolte of Big Hollywood. He's a part of the Andrew Breitbart empire and at the tip of the spear of conservative media activism. They're doing great and important things in confronting the liberal dominance of the entertainment world. As John said, they're on the offensive, which has not been the default position of conservatism, and starting to see results. We talk about his analysis of the media attacks on Sarah Palin and how this resembles the pattern used by the local media on Michele Bachmann. Also we discuss his approach to online activism, which he summarizes as:

1. See The Matrix.

2. Become activists, especially online.

3. Spread the word. Politely and publicly hold these outlets accountable via Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media.

4. Don’t allow the media to tell you how to vote.

5. Fight the power, fight the corruption.

Of course, John Nolte came to prominence as one of the best movie reviewers on the Internet and we discuss his thoughts on the up coming summer movie season.

Later, Loon of the Week (the dulcet tones of ACORN's Betha Lewis with her sensitive rendition of the torch song "Walmart Sucks") and a double shot of sci-fi geek themed This Week in Gatekeeping.

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