Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Big House?

The web of intrigue following yesterday's release of the damning photo that may derail Michele Bachmanns' presidential ambitions continues. My colleague Brian "Saint Paul" Ward provided the concept for this latest and greatest in dot connecting speculation.

If you examine the photo again, you’ll notice that the gentleman to the immediate left of Congresswoman Bachmann is none other than King Banaian. King currently serves in the Minnesota Legislature representing House District 15B. He’s been one of the stars of the GOP freshman class and has demonstrated that he has the political talents and instincts to play on a higher stage. And he lives in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District. The district currently represented in the US House by one Michele Bachmann. The same Michele Bachmann who is now officially running for president and may well decide not to run for reelection to her house seat in 2012.

King for House in 2012?