Sunday, June 12, 2011

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

"It is no secret that Team Obama doesn't want Romney to be the nominee..."

Really, Hugh? Really? Team Obama is most afraid of the candidate who takes ObamaCare off the table as an issue (along with a coherent energy policy) and who is already suspect in the eyes of many social conservatives? That's who the Obambis fear the most?

Hugh's right that Politico is simply another liberal media outlet acting on Obama's behalf, but to say that Romney is not seen by conservatives as a flip-flopper and weak on a lot of issues frankly seems to ignore reality. I know Hugh likes Romney (and I supported Romney over McCain without reservation in '08), as to the Salem Radio hosts it would seem, but my casual reading of dozens of conservative blogs (just do a web search for "Romney" and "RINO") that the Mittster has a big mountain to climb with conservatives. If he does prevail, I see a rerun of the last campaign. Only there won't be a Sarah Palin to drag his bloated carcass of a campaign across the finish line.

Team Obama doesn't want Romney to be the nominee? Really?

Oh, and to answer Hugh's challenge:

"[t]he former governor of Massachusetts may be the punching bag of the conservative media, ridiculed on blogs and talk radio as a plasticine, untrustworthy flip-flopper and the grandfather of the hated Obamacare."

Let's start with this: It isn't true. Not remotely so. It is in fact
lousy reporting that is easily understood as such by anyone who listens to say Bill Bennett, Laura Ingraham, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Sean Hannity, Michael Medved, Mark Levin or me.

Mark Levin from his Facebook page:

"That's it. First Romneycare, then he favors ethanol subsidies, and now he embraces man-made global warming. Romney is not up to the immense task ahead. He's just not."

(I suspect Medved will support Romney so long as he is against people getting tattoos and supports an open borders immigration policy.)

UPDATE: And Ed still is not getting the message on global warming.