Thursday, June 09, 2011

My delegation can beat-up your delegation . . .

It's hard to argue with this, but not impossible.

Yeah, you got Brave Sir Robin and Al Franken (seriously, what were you people thinking?), but I'll see your Al Franken and Mark Dayton and raise you California's Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Lee, Pete Stark, Maxine Waters, Henry Waxman, and the Sanchez Sisters. Did I mention the original Governor Moonbeam? Throw in a Lynn Woolsey, Zoe Lofgren, and Jackie Speier, and we've got a full house of bat sh*t crazy.

Honestly, we got Maxine effing Waters. And Nancy Pelosi. Please.

UPDATE--The Elder Clarifies: Were some part of the rules not clear to you, sir? First off, you only get to pick five pols to add to your hand. Second, and more important, they actually have to REPRESENT you. So unless you live in some special California district, you should only have ONE member of the US House of Representatives listed.

Thankfully, there are some Golden Staters with basic reading comprehension skills. Rick (who come to think was born and raised in Minnesota) goes all in and lays down his hand:

Maxine Waters
Steven C. Bradford

Now that's a pretty cool hand and stacks up well against mine. Let's start at the top with the US Senators.

Feinstein vs. Klobuchar: I'd call this a draw.

Boxer vs. Franken: Wow. This is a tough call. But as much as it pains me to admit it, I gotta go with Boxer as being a worse Senator.

Brown vs. Dayton: Another tough decision. However, I think that Brown has actually improved slightly with age while Dayton has only become more daffy. Advantage Dayton.

Waters vs. Ellison: It’s not easy to top Keith Ellison, but having Maxine Waters in your hand is like having aces high.

Bradford vs. Winkler: Comparing state politicians is tough and all I have to go for Bradford is what I found on Google. Steven Bradford Representing the 51st Assembly District:

Assemblymember Bradford currently serves as the Chair of the California State Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee, where he focuses on supplier diversity, stimulating green job opportunities for all Californians and balancing investments in new technologies with ratepayer protection. Additionally, Bradford serves as Chair of the State's Select Committee on Procurement, and is a member of the Assembly Appropriations, Housing and Community Development and Local Government committees.

A couple of good buzz words there and he’s got a previous arrest going for him. However, there’s nothing in his history that indicates that he operates at the same level of arrogant assholery that Rep. Ryan Winkler typically sinks to. I can’t find any examples of Bradford referring to anyone who disagrees with his views as “hateful bigoted extremists” as Winkler regularly does. So I’m taking this one.

The result? A draw. Which given the levels of liberal lunacy that both of us have on our hands only seems fair. As Rick and I both know all too well there are no winners here.

JAMES RESPONDS: I cannot help it that all of you are simply politically ineffectual, whereas I live in a (mostly) Republican district in California. Haters gonna hate.