Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Friend In Need

One of the real frustrations of the government shutdown in Minnesota (and not the grossly exaggerated or even imagined ones you might read about in the Star Tribune) is that we were so close to avoiding even being in this situation in the first place. If only Minnesota voters had kept the governor's office in Republican hands while turning over the Legislature, matters would have long ago been wrapped up and we'd be on the road to restoring some measure of sanity to the state's fisc. Instead, we can only gaze enviously to the East and wish "If only we were like Wisconsin." Sigh.

But the die has been cast and here in Minnesota we must now reap what was sowed back in November. Across the border however, there is still some unfinished political business that remains to be resolved.

Last Sunday, we took a drive down Highway 35 in Wisconsin from Prescott to Alma. All along the scenic route we noticed signs touting candidates for the August 10th recall election (one of nine in the Badger State) in Senate District 10. The Republican incumbent Sheila Harsdorf will likely face off in that race against Democrat Shelly Moore, who is a teacher and union leader (assuming she survives the July 12th primary).

For all practical purposes this political season in Minnesota has been lost (or perhaps more accurately not won). But it's not too late for Minnesotans to help our Badger brethren (I know, it's a tough concept to wrap your arms around). Go to her web site and see how you can help Stand with Sheila!. Even better drop a few bucks in her campaign jar. Liberal groups are going to be focusing money and resources on all of the Wisconsin recall elections and embattled Republicans in the state are going to need all the help they can get.

We've lost a golden opportunity for real change here in Minnesota and have no one to blame but ourselves. Let's not let another one one be reversed in our back yard.