Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Short Shifted

The last month has not been a good one for Tim Pawlenty. And I imagine the last thing he needs right now is a quote like this one to close out a front page profile in today's WSj called Pawlenty Campaigns on a Homespun Tale:

Others here question whether Mr. Pawlenty has the juice to go all the way. For every ounce of pride that he's running for the White House, there's an equal measure of doubt.

"Of course anybody can put his name in the ring, but does he have a legitimate chance? I'm not sure," said Doug Woog, a legendary Minnesota hockey coach who was Mr. Pawlenty's high-school coach and guidance counselor, and usually votes Republican. Mr. Woog, who backed Mr. Pawlenty for governor, emphasizes that he genuinely likes his former player. "He just seems to me to be too local."

When you can't get a homer like the Wooger offer his unqualified support and confidence in your candidacy you know your campaign is hurting. Although if anyone knows whether someone really could win the big one or not, it's Doug Woog. Sorry, couldn't resist the cheap shot.