Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Finish of a Nice Guy

James from Folsom shares further thoughts on Pawlenty and Bachmann:

Interesting that you mention the "real" Bob Dole. Years ago I used to be a devoted listener to Don Imus. Among his regular guests were Bob Dole, Joe Lieberman, John McCain, John Kerry and Al Gore. Almost to a man they were funny and personable on Imus's show, yet none of them could translate that likeability to a campaign. I know that saying Al Gore or John Kerry had a personality sounds like a bit much, but they did. For better or worse Imus brought that out in them. But they were all too much the politician to just be themselves outside of that context. Looking at that list I have to say: thank God for that.

Speaking of Michele, I've always had mixed feelings. I think as a backbencher in Congress she is a real asset, and I would wiothout hesitation vote for her and campaign for her. But Presidential timber? Not even close. I can sympathize with T-Paw rolling his eyes at her. Not excuse it, but I get it. And if she is sacrificing her Congressional seat for this Quixotic run at the presidency, then I've lost a lot of respect for her because that just strikes me as selfishness to no purpose.

I was disappointed in T-Paw's performance. I thought that he was the perfect candidate this cycle to take on Obama. I blame Michelle for her pointless campaign, but if Tim from Eagan* couldn't deal with her, then it just was not meant to be.

*I was driving from, I think, St. Cloud or some out-state community into the Twin Cities one Sunday (probably the day after a hockey series at SCSU), listening to The Fan and "Tim from Eagan" called in to talk about the Vikings. It was pretty neat to hear the governor just talking sports with no political agenda. He always seemed like such a likeable guy. Maybe that's why he didn't wear the attack dog suit so well.