Saturday, October 08, 2011

Minnesota Misery Index, Part Deux

Golly, would ya look at that. The Minnesota Lynx just won the WNBA championship! Yep, the Cheeseheads may have the Packers, the Brewers and the Badgers, but Minnesota has the Lynx!!

What? Nobody gives a s***?

Never mind.

Look at the bright-side. At least you're not Detroit.

Oh, wait. Lions 4-0. Tigers in the ALCS. Red Wings, well, they're the Red Wings.

Never mind.

THE ELDER ADDS: James is forgetting that the Golden Gopher hockey team crushed noted powerhouse Sacred Heart 9-0 last night. It may not be a victory of great significance, but in an area starved for sports success of any sort we'll take what we can get.