Friday, October 28, 2011

Passing On

Sad news to report from Glen Lake Wine and Spirits, the sponsor of our Beer of the Week feature. Earlier this week, Jeff Whittemore--who had worked part-time at the store for the last ten years--suddenly passed away. Jeff had been one of the constants at Glen Lake and his presence will most certainly be missed.

Glen Lake Wine and Spirits' owner Dan Keegan shares his thoughts:

He worked part time at the store for ten years. He is an old family friend going back 40 years, meeting my parents at Most Holy Trinity and singing in the choir with them. He did enjoy telling and retelling customers stories of his travels to Europe. Particularly visits to Germany, where he met is wife while in the Army.

Very reliable, showing up 30 minutes early to every shift in order to socialize and lube the gears.

Rest in peace.