Monday, October 31, 2011

Smashing Pumpkins

Chad asked and he shall receive. Below are variations of the classic Halloween joke, customized to fit whichever population subgroup you find yourself among this holiday season.

For disgruntled Minnesota football fans: How do Packers’ fans celebrate Halloween?

They pump kin.

For those warming themselves over a dung fire at an Occupy Wall Street encampment: How does the 1% celebrate Halloween (and also insidiously consolidate their vast fortunes)?

They pump kin.

For media reporters and Democrats: According to anonymous sources and reported by Politico, how does Herman Cain celebrate Halloween?

He pumps kin.

For celebrity rumor mongers who always liked Khloe better anyway: On what grounds is Kim Kardashian filing for divorce against Kris Humphries this Halloween?

He pumped kin.

Have fun kids, use these jokes responsibly, and Happy Halloween from Fraters Libertas.