Monday, November 07, 2011

A Better Cain Defense?

Another day, another claim of sexual harassment against Herman Cain. His blanket denial of “I never did anything to anyone at any time” is starting to get a bit threadbare.

Maybe he should try this approach instead, as articulated by Chris Rock in 1996:

What is sexual harassment?! What's the difference between sexual harassment and just being an idiot? I mean, if my father didn't harass my mother, I wouldn't be here!

I understand some sexual harassment. if a man is your boss and says, "Hey, sleep with me, or you're fired." That's sexual harassment. And that's the only thing that's sexual harassment! Everything else falls under "Just trying to get laid." You can't put a man in jail for that! I don't care how hard he tries, that's all he was trying to do! Anita Hill started this whole thing. It's all about looks, you know? Because if Clarence Thomas looked like Denzel Washington, this would have never happened! She'd be all, "Oh, stop it, Clarence, you nasty! Your fine self!" So, what's sexual harassment, when an ugly man wants some? "Oh, he ugly! Call the police! Call the authorities!"