Occupy Oakland members vote to deposit $20,000 with Wells Fargo

Occupy Oakland has voted to deposit $20,000 with Wells Fargo Bank -- just days after Occupy protesters shattered windows of one of the bank's downtown Oakland branches during the group's attempt to stage a general strike in the embattled East Bay city.

The decision was posted at Occupy Oakland's site for its general assembly. According to the link, the group made the decision to deposit the $20,000 with Wells at a meeting on Monday night.

Well, I'm sure it was a close vote since the OWS rioters have loudly and repeatedly trashed Wells Fargo and other big banks for being evil organizations driven by greed and hatred for the average American. This must have really been a gut wrenching and difficult decision.

The general assembly voted 162 to 8 to approve a proposal to place the money with Wells Fargo.

So a full 95% of the rioters' "general assembly" (nice nod to the UN, another useless group) don't even believe in one of their stated core principles. Sort of shines a light on the level of commitment and integrity these clowns have.

Occupy Oakland has delayed placing the funds into a credit union because the group is maneuvering to be considered a specialized type of organization. It wants to become an "unincorporated association," according to the Occupy Oakland minutes.

The group has filed papers with California's Secretary of State to gain that status. An unincorporated nonprofit association is formed for the purposes of an ad hoc common effort, which can range from a bake sale to major group activities.

State officials don't approve the formation of those associations immediately. Occupy Oakland legal representatives estimated it can take two weeks to be approved as an unincorporated nonprofit association.

Some members of the assembly, during the meeting, raised concerns about using Wells Fargo for the group's bank.

Well, 8 out of 170 did, at least.

"I understand that people aren't comfortable with that, but this is a time sensitive issue," one of the leaders of the general assembly stated, according to the minutes.

"It takes time to transfer funds to a credit union," one of the general assembly members stated, according to the minutes posted on the website. "We need to help people in jail now."