Saturday, January 14, 2012

Taking What They're Giving

Fearless playoff football prognistications offered without commentary:

Saints 24
49ers 16

Patriots 34
Broncos 20

Ravens 15
Texans 13

Packers 41
Giants 26

Okay, maybe they're not all that fearless as I'm picking all the favorites, but this seems like one of those playoff weekends when the better teams will win and usually cover. If I were a betting man, the huge spread for the Pats would make me nervous with late game garbage scoring and whatnot, but I'd definitely take the Texans and the points they're giving.

I see my picks aren't all that different from what Brad Carlson is going with. Not sure if that's a good or bad sign at this point. However, the fact that the Nihilist In Golf Pants diverges from me in two of his three picks does give me some reason for confidence.