Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Debt Bombing

Over the last year, some Democrats have taken to dousing Republicans in confetti. They call it “glitter bombing”. Mitt Romney was the latest “victim” of this puzzling trend right here in Minnesota.

Apparently, glitter bombers believe that undecided voters will see a Republican covered in glitter and say to themselves: “That Republican looks ridiculous covered in glitter; obviously I cannot vote for him.”

It seems doubtful that any such inner monologue has ever occurred, but that hasn’t stopped the assaults. Fortunately, we Republicans are above such inane tactics.

But if we weren’t above such things, we could certainly come up with a form of glitter bombing that at least made sense. The Bureau of Printing and engraving sells five pound bags of shredded currency. Dousing a spendthrift Democrat in this currency confetti or “debt bombing”, would actually be an understandable political statement. Or, it would be if our side wasn’t too classy for such behavior.

Yep, we’d be better than the Democrats at their own game, if we were willing to stoop to their level.