Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Head East

I went to bed last night in a prosperous, liberty loving hamlet, I wake up today in a socialist hellhole.

Slight exaggeration there, but thanks to the decision of some unaccountable “judges,” I’m going from Michele Bachmann as my Congressional representative to Betty McCollum. This is roughly equivalent to buying a plane ticket for Hawaii and in midair someone in the control tower deciding Fargo would be a better spot for you instead. (Don’t get any ideas for next week, Delta Airlines!)

I moved out of St. Paul six years ago in part because I did not wish to live under the one party DFL rule. The city government of St. Paul was the primary culprit, but Betty McCollum played her shrill, divisive, tax dollar devouring part as well. And now we’re reunited, for at least the next 10 years.

On the bright side, at least it gives me something to blog about.

Dare we dream that the now hideously elongated CD4 could actually hurt McCollum’s electoral prospects? They dragged in conservative leaning areas from Washington County like Woodbury and Stillwater. And McCollum has lead the environmental obstructionist movement against the Stillwater bridge, which will not endear her to east metro voters. Will that be enough to tip the scales against this profligate career politician?

In a word, nyet.

The rigid ideological conformity of the residents of the city of St. Paul give the Democrats a colossal advantage. A Republican hasn’t won this seat since 1946. McCollum won in 2010 against a terrific candidate in Teresa Collett, and in a historically Republican year, by 25 percentage points. At best, this year maybe McCollum will eek out a 10-15 point victory.

And maybe I should start checking real estate prices a little farther east in Wisconsin. She can't follow me there, right?