Sunday, February 12, 2012

HWX, February 2012

The Hinderaker-Ward Experience (HWX) returns to Ricochet after a rare and well-deserved break to bring you THE FINEST in conservative podcast commentary. That is, as long as you’re excluding the main Ricochet podcast, Radio Free Delingpole, Law Talk with Epstein and Yoo, Left Coast/Right Coast, the Young Guns, and Dave Carter’s View from the Cab, and Mr. Sudsy’s Beer Bong Challenge (coming soon!). That still makes HWX top 10 podcasting, and you can’t argue with that.

John Hinderaker and I break down the news from chilly Minnesota. And at times it sounds like just plain breaking down. Both of us are rather glum about the current state of the GOP Presidential sweepstakes and the prospects of anyone defeating Obama. This leads to some spirited debate about the cause of the problem with this year’s primary selection process, and it all ends on a unified, positive note with some gratuitous shots at Democrats.

Later, a discussion of the ObamaCare dictates on birth control for the Catholic Church. Our position? We’re against it! I know, a controversial stance, but someone had to speak truth to power. This leads into a flock of Loons of Week, as Democrat members of the US Senate took to open microphones to condemn the real villain in this drama, you guessed it, right wing extremists.

Finally, they wrap things up with a double shot of This Week in Gate Keeping. First, Chris Matthews failing his geography final during a live interview with the distinguished Senator from South North Dakota. Then, an illustration of how your tax dollars are being used at American Public Media. Or, more accurately, how they’re not being used, for such things as fact checking and editorial discretion.

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