Friday, February 24, 2012

No Beer For You

We regret to announce that this week’s edition of Beer of the Week has been canceled due to the beer reviewer having picked up some sort of malicious bug which negates all the pleasure and wonder that one usually associates with drinking beer. We expect this situation to be temporary and the Beer of the Week feature will return next week. Until then, those of you who still capable of enjoying beer should continue to do so. I will attempt to find solace in my beer deprived condition by turning to an alternative beverage whose medicinal properties are well-established: whiskey.

SAINT PAUL PRESCRIBES: Or this may be a good chance to introduce a new feature, Cough Syrup of the Week and/or Antibiotic of the Week. Luxurious mouthfeel on the Robatussin. And the lacing on the Zithromax is exquisite!

THE ELDER HACKS BACK: Or perhaps a review of which whiskey and over-the-counter cough medications work best together. I think the nightime stuff that makes you drowsy packs the most punch. I'll do some research tonight and get back with a full report tomorrrow.