Friday, February 24, 2012

Talking Science

Vox Day on how the theory of the "multiverse" seems like a dance of desperation:

There is, of course, a fourth type of nothingness. And that is the amount of scientific validity contained in Krauss's desperate attempt to use a fraudulent veneer of science to avoid the obvious conclusions driven by the relevant philosophic logic. This isn't even science fiction, it's just purely evasive fantasy. If I were to seriously propose that full-grown unicorns, little rainbow-colored horned equines, could simply pop into existence, like bubbles in boiling water, ex nihilo, people would rightly dismiss me as a fantasist and a possibly insane one at that.

But substitute "universes" for "unicorns", and suddenly, we're talking science!

I’ve always been interested in science and have found that interest rekindled of late thanks to my children. So we end up reading books and watching a fair number of documentaries with a scientific bent (my wife and kids also conduct experiments as part of home-schooling).

And in the course of this pursuit of scientific knowledge, whenever I hear or read a sober minded, straight-laced science-talking guy start describing the multiverse theory I can’t help but chuckle. Many of these scientists would scoff at the notion of God and claim to only believe that which can be proven using the scientific method. Yet the entire notion of multiple universes is completely faith based. Is believing that there is a greater power that created the universe really so absurd compared to believing the theory of multiple universes? Well, only if you decide to call one “science.”