Thursday, March 01, 2012

How Firm A Foundation

One of the joys of reading Charles Murray is the before getting around to offering up his opinions, he extensively (and often in great detail with abundant notations) lays the groundwork with evidence.

Here’s a good example from his recent book "Losing Ground.”

The setup:

No matter what the outcome being examined—the quality of the mother-infant relationship, externalizing behavior in childhood (aggression, delinquency, and hyperactivity), delinquency in adolescence, criminality as adults, illness and injury in childhood, early mortality, sexual decision making in adolescence, school problems and dropping out, emotional health, or any other measure of how well or poorly children do in life—the family structure that produces the best outcomes for children, on average, are two biological parents who remain married.

The delivery:

I know of no other set of important findings that are as broadly accepted by social scientists who follow the technical literature, liberal as well as conservative, and yet are so resolutely ignored by network news programs, editorial writers for the major newspapers, and politicians of both major political parties.