Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pass Me The Booze

Fear not citizens of Minnesota. The self-appointed arbiter of truth, justice, and the journalistic way is back. Don Shelby joins Rick Kupchella’s BringMeTheNews:

Legendary TV newsman Don Shelby is joining BringMeTheNews. The veteran anchor and investigative journalist will be the morning voice of the BringMeTheNews radio network of more than 30 stations around Minnesota starting Wednesday, April 4. He’ll also provide original news reporting.

“I am so pleased that I’ll be back in the game—not just to be back in the game, but to satisfy the needs of people who, for 32 years, trusted me to tell them the truth,” Shelby said. “I miss them and I miss the opportunity to do that.” Shelby said he’s excited for the opportunity to dive into a new and growing area of journalism where more and more people are finding is the go-to method for solid, credible information.

This isn’t about Don Shelby people. It’s about you and your need to have a trusted source to bring them the truth. Who better to wrap himself in the mantle of trusted truth-teller than our man Don? Thankfully, he’s humbly returned to that role as a service to us.

“One of my fears was that—as everyone gets pencils, everyone gets laptops—it will be harder and harder for the public to discern what is real and what is made up,” he said. “I know what Rick (Kupchella) stands for and what underlies the whole idea of BringMeTheNews. He wants that always to be in place—that this is real journalism.”

Shelby manages to come off here as a combination of Grandpa Simpson and Nick Coleman. Pencils? Why back in my day you had to spend years covering local government and developing your BS detector and ear for baloney before they’d let you anywhere near a pencil. That’s when journalism was real and it meant something.

What can we expect from Shelby’s return to the game? Unbridled arrogance, stupefying ignorance, and indifference or even outright contempt for anyone who doesn’t see the wisdom of his ways. That’s his idea of real journalism.