Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stick to the Book

Sorry kids, but we won't be seeing "The Lorax." Eric Felten explains how the movie is just the latest example of The Bad! Bad! Bad! Biggering of Dr. Seuss:

Which also explains why the new movie version of "The Lorax" has all the resonance of a crumpled tin can. There's nothing mysterious about the Once-ler—now reduced to stock character No. 14-B (young man eager to prove to his unloving mother that he can be a success). And the producers also took from the stockroom a standard-issue Hollywood villain, the evil businessman. The Once-ler, in Dr. Seuss's telling, loved Truffula trees—alas, so much that he consumed them all. Now we have a story about a tyrannical tycoon, Mr. O'Hare, who opposes oxygen-producing trees because they compete with his bottled-air business.

Once-ler-like, I am filled with regret for having encouraged such Gluppity-Glupp by paying for my family to see it, thus doing my small sad part in biggering the box office. If only there were an answer to Hollywood's cultural clear-cutting as simple as planting a seed.

Another childrens movie where the writers try to resolve their mother/father issues and demonstrate their utter ignorance regarding the world of business? No thanks.