Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Get to Know ‘Em

Many people claim there was nothing on the field worth watching during the Twins - Orioles opening series last week. I beg to differ. As this video from the opener shows, there was plenty of fancy footwork, good defensive instincts, and couple of solid hits at the end.

Given the Twins .165 batting average for the entire team so far this year, this guy is definitely the top batman we’ve seen in 2012.

True, this did nothing to help the Twins performance, but it did give Dick and Bert something to get indignant about, which they love to do five or six times a game.

Deadspin synched up multiple the Youtube videos of the Batman streaker with audi from the radio and TV broadcasts of the game for this entertaining summary. I just hope fear Dick Bremer’s quote “We have an idiot on the field” doesn’t become the slogan for this year’s squad.