Thursday, May 03, 2012

One Term Stand

Joe Doakes from Saint Paul e-mails to expand on the Romney-Ryan campaign theme:

I’d love to see Romney say this (he can’t, he’d be lynched, but maybe he can find a stalking horse, a GOP Carville-type):

“In 2008, voters had a historic chance to right a long-standing wrong by electing America’s first Black President. Yes, his credentials were a little thin and his campaign promises more idealistic than realistic, but the country was in pretty good shape so we could afford to indulge ourselves. Today, President Obama is running on the same empty catchphrases but the country isn’t in nearly as good a shape. We already elected a Black President. We’ve checked that box. Time to move on. Time to get serious. Time for somebody who understands money and budgets. Time for Romney/Ryan.”

While it might be a bit of stretch to say that the country was in pretty good shape in 2008, it is certainly clear that four years under Obama have only brought us closer to the fiscal day of reckoning and that we can no longer afford symbolic gestures more about doing what feels good in the moment than what we know to be the best thing for the future.