Wednesday, June 06, 2012

He's Buying

Barry drops a note on Cliff's bar:

Searching Google images this morning for Hamms, I spot Cliff's 1956 TV box rippler (so called because it resembled the vintage TV sets of the day) and checked out your blog entry. Absolutely classic. I just LOVE intact basement bars! I'm so glad you captured it when it was still together. Looks like he kept a few primo bottles of hooch there.

Indeed he did. I'm fortunate enough to have a few items from Cliff's bar displayed in my own basement watering hole along with some others from his brother's (my father-in-law who passed away this past year). The tradition of the basement bar lives on.

It turns out that Barry love for bar paraphernalia is serious business. I BUY OLD BEER--Learn:

You were in charge of cleaning out Grandpa's garage, and there’s so much junk in there you don't know where to start. During a remodeling job,you found a couple of old beer cans with cone shaped tops. Dad used to own a tavern, and he has a few old signs in the basement that haven't been plugged in for a decade....

Some call it junk, but to me...its treasure, and I'll pay stupid prices for the stuff that’s real old or in good shape. Lighted signs, cans, tins, uniforms, paper - whether its a forgotten collection or one item, I'll pay you cash, clean it up and preserve it for the next generation.

I've paid 65.00 for an empty cardboard beer box...400.00 for an EMPTY beer can.(and no, I didn't empty it, or the ten others you assumed I drank to pay that much) I've been collecting this stuff for about 27 years, and if I don't have it yet, I'll pay stupid prices for the old and unique.

Thars' gold in them garages and basements-find it and email me. I'll make it worth your while.

Worth your while if you to want to part with your treasures. I think I'd more likely find myself on the other side of such transactions.