Monday, July 02, 2012

Beer of the Week (Vol. CL)

A special Fourth of July week edition of Beer of the Week sponsored as always by the patriotic folks at Glen Lake Wine & Spirits who can help you find the American wine, whiskey, and beer you need to celebrate our nation’s founding and raise a glass to the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness endowned by our Creator and enshrined in our Declaration of Independence.

The Beer of the Week features haven’t been as regular as they ought to have been of late, what with the whole “of the week” in the name and all. To make up for the lassitude, I’ll try to squeeze a couple in this week. And what better week for an extra beer or two than this one? It’s the Fourth of July and it’s hot. It would be downright un-American not to drink and celebrate beer early and often throughout this holiday week.

The first beer is from Great Divide Brewing in Denver. Hoss Rye Lager:

HOSS is based on the Märzen lagers of Germany. Rich, layered malt notes, with hints of cherry and dark fruits, dominate, while the unique addition of rye imparts a slightly earthy, spicy character. Hoss finishes crisp and dry, and its brilliant red-orange color is a toast to the sunsets that make the perfect backdrop for this beer.

6-pack of 12 oz bottles goes for $9.99. Label is a red-colored patchwork quilt featuring a lumberjack in the woods.

STYLE: Marzen


COLOR (0-2): Copper-red and clear. 2

AROMA (0-2): Malty with some spiciness. 2

HEAD (0-2): Lots of volume, tan color, laces nicely. 2

TASTE (0-5): Sweet roasted malts at the beginning followed with bold spicy rye flavors with a little hop kick at the end. Flavors are complex and blend together nicely. Medium-bodied with a mouthfeel more on the watery side. Refreshing and drinkable too. 4

AFTERTASTE (0-2): Dry finish with the rye flavors that carry through. 2

OVERALL (0-6): Marzens are not usually one of favorite beer style, but I have a soft stop for any beer with rye. And Hoss Rye Lager is a Marzen on rye steroids. The sweet malt, spicy rye, and bitter hops play together quite nicely and the result is a well-rounded, great tasting beer. The tastiness of the rye combined with the drinkability of a lager make it a good choice for any season. 4

TOTAL SCORE (0-19): 16